Signal Analyzer Unit

Our portable APU testers put a test cell in your hand for on-wing testing of APUs.  Simply connect our Signal Analyzer Unit between the ECU and aircraft, connect to your laptop by USB cable or wirelessly, and you're able to monitor the engine in realtime, as if you had it in your test cell.

All engine pparameters are displayed in real time on your laptop screen.  Select among digital, analog, bar graph, and strip chart displays.  Readouts are color coded to show whether whether they fall within limits.

Test all engine parameters:

  • all temperatures
  • all pressures
  • all torque motor currents
  • all voltages
  • LVDT
  • RPM
  • Monopole 1 and 2
  • all switch closures

APU Testers are available for all Allied Signal, Honeywell, and Sunstrand APUs.

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